Job Vacancies

WITHERN with STAIN & TOTHILL PC require a clerk and RFO. This post is for 2 hours per week and the closing date is 31.07.18.  Please see the following   ….  Advertisement Parish Clerk – April 2018 Final


LOUTH TC are seeking an Assistant to the Clerk. The post is for 27.5 hours per week and the closing date being 30.07.18. Please see the following for full details.Town Clerk’s Assistant – Job Application Pack


SLEAFORD TOWN COUNCIL – require a Deputy Town Clerk this is a new post which will provide support  for the Town Clerk.  Please see the attached for contact details… Closing date being 31.07.181. Overview and Advert for Deputy Clerk Post


FOTHERBY PC – require a Parish Clerk. This position is between 12 – 16 hours per month but will be confirmed with suitable candidates. Please see the attached Fotherby PC Vacancy    closing date being 01.08.18


HORBLING PC – require a Clerk & RFO for 14 hours per month – further details are available here  Horbling PC   closing date being 24.08.18


We are sometimes asked by our neighbouring County Associations to advertise vacancies, as we do have some clerks who are interested in taking on additional parishes and working ‘cross-border’.