Public Information

Community Support Information during the Coronavirus Outbreak

(including venues for Parish meetings)


North Kesteven


Carlton Le Moorland Parish Council

Carlton Le Moorland Parish Council hold their meetings at Carlton Le Moorland Village Hall – LN5 9HP

The Village Hall is managed by Carlton Le Moorland Parish Council and this building was closed on Friday 20th March 2020.

There is a community support group within the village – leaflet attached – which is supported by the Parish Council and we have publicised this on the village website, facebook page and all residents/homes have received a hard copy of this information.

Current information from Bassingham surgery has also been electronically distributed – they are also texting messages for patients with that facility. There are a number of FB pages within the Witham villages which are carrying information for residents in Carlton le Moorland, Bassingham, Norton Disney, Witham St. Hughs, Thurlby, Aubourn and Haddington and Stapleford.

Carlton Le Moorland COVID Leaflet 2020 03 18


Metheringham Parish Council

To confirm the address of the Parish Office in Metheringham, 15a High Street, Metheringham LN4 3DZ

We have a group formed within the village MISH – Metheringham Isolation Help which is available on Facebook.


Leadenham Parish Council

Leadenham Parish Council – meetings held at Leadenham Village Hall, Main Road, Leadenham. LN5 0QB

Leadenham Village Hall is a modern building (opened 1998) licensed to hold 120 people sitting down and 140 standing – full disabled access/toilets. Leadenham situated at the cross roads of two main roads A17/A607

Community support to date:

A Group of volunteers has been set up to support those who are vulnerable in any way  – to shop/collect medical supplies. This covers the parishes of Leadenham, Welbourn, Brant Broughton and Strgglethorpe with a co-ordinator in each parish.

The details of how to contact these volunteers has been put through every door in the parishes and included in the April edition of the parish Magazine (Three Villages and a Hamlet, which covers Leadenham, Welbourn, Brant Broughton and Stragglethorpe).

The Parish Magazine for April is being printed and delivery has been co-ordinated throughout to ensure there are no risks.

The edition for May will be put out online – each village co-ordinator will pass that information on via their own ‘village links’ and so the May edition can reach as many residents as possible. We have requested in the April edition that residents send items on any subject (funny stories/family history, childhood memories/pets) as there will be no local events to advertise/no church services etc. We hope this will be some contribution towards keeping the community together.


Branston and Mere Parish Council

Branston and Mere Parish Council meet at the Pavilion on Moor Lane, Branston.

There is no mailbox or phone there so no accurate postcode. The nearest is LN4 1LE.

The Emergency Plan has been activated to help those in need. A leaflet will be delivered door to door this week with a contact phone number and email address to call for help.

There were 112 volunteers in the team. There are now close to 300.


Potterhanworth Parish Council

Potterhanworth is working with a group of volunteers, to provide assistance for anyone in need in the village. All volunteers have completed an online form which enables us to comply with data protection etc. A WhatsApp group is now up and running.


Dorrington Parish Council

Our meetings are held in Dorrington Wesleyan Chapel, Main St, Dorrington, LN4 3QA. We haven’t initiated any local initiatives because we only have 5 parish councillors and 3 of them are in the vulnerable category.


Witham St Hughs Parish Council

We Currently have a local support group set up via Facebook, with co-ordinators for each area of the village. One of our Councillors is the main coordinator.


Eagle Parish Council

That lady who owns the post office dropped of a contact sheet to each house & is coordinating pickup of groceries.


Thorpe on the Hill Parish Council

Thorpe on the Hill Volunteer briefing


Swinderby Parish Council

  1. Post Code for meetings – Village Hall LN6 9LT
  2. Co-ordinator Sarah Markall
  3. Support group formed. advertised the support that is available in the village magazine ( Link Up) and leaflet drop.   Sarah is editor
  4. Central phone number that automatically switches the call  to a volunteer’s phone. No need to hand over a phone.
  5. Phone line open 12hrs a day 8am-8pm
  6. At the moment 24 active volunteers but many more waiting on the list. These will be used in the future as they rotate in and out.
  7. Daily prescription run to Collingham and Co-op priority card applied for.
  8. Parish Council worked with Sarah including providing, at the moment, financial support for extra printing and cost of phone line. (see decisions of remote meeting 28th March available from the clerk).


Dunston Parish Council

Meets at Dunston Village Hall, Chapel Lane LN4 2ET

Local Initiatives to help the Vulnerable: 

Community Help in Particular Situations (CHIPS) use a team of Dunston based volunteers to help with shopping, posting mail, urgent supplies, collecting prescriptions, friendly phone calls etc.


Contacts: Beth 01526 321919 / Sue 01526 320946 / Pauline 01526 321996.


(The group have already contacted the Lincolnshire Resilience Group and are part of the  Lincolnshire Co-op initiative to help volunteers to shop for the vulnerable : They are including in the Metheringham MISH group for this.)



Nocton Community Support

My Wife (Vicki Marshall) set up our group early last week, producing a flyer and several digital forums for people to get in touch. We had a registration form that volunteers filled out with details and skills, including any DBS or Vetting they held or medical training, as well as consent for us to hold their information on a offline database that is encrypted and password protected for the duration of the emergency. Only Vicki and I have access to protect everyone’s data.


We have sent this disclaimer to everyone:

It is worth making clear, again for clarity, that we (all of us volunteers) are just local neighbours who care and not affiliated with any organisation or professional body at all. We have no public liability and are just trying to do our bit to help our fellow residents in this critical time of emergency. Volunteers will be acting at their own risk and as individuals. We are taking all possible precautions within our ability to protect data, safeguard the vulnerable and the safety of all residents (Volunteer & those in need). In the absence of any formal Government sanctioned help, we are just trying to coordinate the response to reassure and help our neighbours. We all offer our time for free and expect nothing in return. If anyone is unsure or unhappy about this let us know and your details can be removed immediately. 


The flyer was circulated to every home in Nocton last week in the Limespring free magazine, we have used all social media channels (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) and have a working Whatsapp Group for volunteers.


We are offering support from contact phone calls to keep up spirits, to fetching groceries, medication, topping up electricity, walking dogs, posting letter & parcels or any other emergency assistance we can safely give at safe distance.


We have nearly 40 volunteers now, although a few have since pulled out as they are higher risk and rightly have chosen to remain inside.


We also have a phone number and email for those in need to contact us and we have had 5 people get in touch. For each we have assigned a volunteer as a key worker to get and stay in touch and help them out. The volunteers know to keep in touch with us for any issues or problems and if they have to cease, we know who they were supporting so can instantly assign someone else.


For each initial contact between volunteer and the person requesting help, we have assigned a unique password so they can verify identity at distance.


All is working well so far.


I attach a copy of the flyer.


I am Defence Contractor for Inzpire, I work from home anyway (i’m former regular RAF and current RAF Reserve Intelligence Officer) and Vicki is a Senior Civil Servant for DfE (former Lincs Fire Service Training Manager)  so we have some skills in organising and managing and thought our skills were best placed in supporting our community this way. Vicki is also on the Committee of the new Nocton Hub (Village Hall that’s still under construction) so she is organising this under that banner.


Furthermore, our eldest Daughter (Kathryn Blissitt) has set up a Community Food Bank Donation scheme and has already received a large amount of donations. Kathryn works for Lincolnshire Fire Service in Control.


Our Parish Council are aware of our activity and happy for us to get on with it as they are not as well placed to offer this service.


Dan & Vicki Marshall

07717 212588

Nocton COVID Response

Nocton COVID19 Volunteer Sheet

Nocton COVID19 Response



South Kesteven


Sedgebrook Parish Council

Sedgebrook community support flyer

South Witham Parish Council

Meetings take place in South Witham Village Hall


Address – Water Lane, South Witham, Grantham, NG33 5PH


This is a sizeable building with a main large room, a smaller meeting room which can connect through to the larger room if required and a good equipped kitchen.

It also has good toilet facilities and changing rooms/showers and outside a very sizeable recreational field to the rear.

South Witham Parish Council is currently working hard with the Community and has set up a help scheme to assist the elderly / vulnerable who are self-isolating. The whole village is currently being leafleted to make sure everyone who may need help knows there is help available.


Please be advised of the following help that has been set up for South Witham village, led by South Witham Parish Council,

to assist those self isolating;


Fran Parish (Coordinator)

tel nos, home 01572 767430 / mob 07778 563952


email; This is a dedicated email set up for this purpose;

Assisted by admin – Rebecca Lambert, tel 07852 124396 and Jo Southwell tel, 07850 768394

They also have access to the dedicated email.


The entire village was leafleted at the weekend and 50 volunteers are now signed up to help.


Long Benington Parish Council

Long Bennington Parish Council holds meetings in our village hall –  St James’s Hall, Main Road, Long Bennington NG23 5DJ.

I also have a small office on the premises.

We do have a village hall management committee so if it needs to be opened as a community centre, I will need to liaise with them. please don’t think this will be a hurdle though.

It could  function as a community centre, has all the usual facilities including wifi. My office also has a landline should it be required.


We have a local group of volunteers who are trying to keep local residents informed. A local leaflet drop is being done this week to establish what help is needed locally.


Dowsby Parish Council

The usual venue for our meetings is Dowsby Village hall, Main Road, Dowsby, PE10 0TL


Carlby Parish Council

The village have set up a contact and posted leaflets through all residents doors so if they need anything they have a point of contact during the Covid-19 crisis.

Carlby COVID-19-2 help leaflet


Corby Glen Parish Council

We are in the process of setting up a coordinated support group in the village under the auspices of the Parish Council and the Parish Church. The coordinator is Ian Astley (; 07712 5816610).

We plan to ask for volunteers (by leaflet drop to all houses in the village) who will meet the coordinator. He will allocate a number of households to an individual volunteer or preferably, to a small team. The volunteer/s will add their contact details to a pre-printed card inviting their allocated person/s to make contact if they need any help or social contact. They will put the card through the letterbox of each of their allocated households.

We hope to cover the whole village this way.


Barrowby Parish Council

Barrowby Parish Council are aware of several organisations in the village making attempts to help our vulnerable villagers. Contact details below:


All Saints Church – Phil and Kate Waghorn – Barrowby Baptist Fellowship – Veronica Townsend – Barrowby Open Door – Charlie Charlton – Independent Volunteer – Sue Hodgson –


The Chairman of the Parish Council, Phil Cupit ( will this week make an attempt to bring these volunteers together (virtually) to co-ordinate the efforts if at all possible. The current idea is to issue each of our 800+ homes with a red and green card and invite them to register their email address and/or telephone number with a central point of contact . The suggestion will be that anyone needing food or medical supplies should display the red card in their front window. The volunteers will patrol the entire village once a day and note any addresses displaying a red card. The core group of volunteers can then reach out to those households to assess and help with their needs. The idea is to avoid unnecessary door knocking and to coordinate as much as possible virtually.


We should have more details later this week if/when the scheme launches.


The Parish Council has also set aside a ‘Community Resilience Fund’ of £500 to assist this volunteer group.


Uffington Parish Council

Uffington Parish Council usually meet at Uffington Village Hall, Main Road, Uffington PE9 4SN.

The Benefice of the Uffington Group of churches have sent out a flier to the whole parish offering help with shopping, posting mail, urgent supplies and friendly phone calls. The parish councillors are supporting this.


Fulbeck Parish Council

Fulbeck Parish Council use the Village Hall and the address is Lincoln Road, Fulbeck, NG32 3JW


Billingborough Parish Council

Billingborough PC started to advertise for volunteers on Monday the16th and on Sat 21st there was a small meeting with Linkwell and our local Coop. The Council later agreed to contact all volunteers on our list to ask if they agreed for their details to be given to Linkwell as it was also agreed that Linkwell would now be taking the lead on this, with support from the Council.


We are still advertising for volunteers and accepting details on behalf of Linkwell, or potential volunteers can contact Linkwell directly.


Deeping St James Parish Council

Two Facebook pages have been set up by an individual – Love Deepings Covid19 Community Communications and Love Deepings Emergency Group – both sharing information and advice including contact details of a number of organisations who can help – Foodbank, Age Concern, Lives Responders, Lions, Rotary, Round Table, Charities and others.

As well as this a help you neighbour scheme has been promoted where postcards with your contact details can be posted through the letter box of neighbours listing ways you can help – go shopping, collect prescriptions, walk dog, just be on the end of a phone to talk to etc.

Deeping St James Parish Council and Market Deeping Town Council have put a post on their Facebook pages to say they are acting as a point of contact to signpost people to the relevant organisation that can help with the needs of the individual.


Deeping St James Parish Council hold their meetings in, and have an office at, The Institute 38 Church Street Deeping St James Lincolnshire PE6 8HD.


The meeting room accommodates approximately 25 individuals comfortably and there are toilet and kitchen facilities. The office is only really big enough for two possibly three at a push.


The building is not owned by the Parish Council but by Deeping St James United Charities who also have an office here – their Clerk is called Julie Banks and her contact details should you need them are:

01778 344707


Caythorpe and Frieston Parish Council

Caythorpe and Frieston Parish Council (CFPC) has agreed to support our parishioners by coordinating a group of up to 20 volunteers, who will each cover a selected area within the Parish to support vulnerable people.


The Parish Council intend to assist vulnerable members of our community in the following ways and will be doing this in conjunction with the Lincolnshire Resilience Forum (LRF) who coordinate countywide volunteers and assistance.


The Parish Council has decided that it will as far as possible help the parishioners who decide they need to self-isolate and these are likely to fall within two separate groups.


  1. The vulnerable members of the parish with underlying illness or are over 70 and are self-isolating for their protection
  2. People who have identified either they or a member of their family have been exposed to the virus and now waiting to see if it develops or they know they have the virus and are isolating until they are virus free.


The type of help being offered by the parish council will be collecting

  • shopping
  • medicines
  • delivering reading books magazines or newspapers
  • providing a friendly phone call
  • posting mail

Other points to note are as follows:

  1. During this process the volunteers will be instructed to ensure that all necessary precautions are maintained, and that zero contact Is maintained with clients.
  2. Caythorpe and Frieston Parish Council we will be using Section 137 powers to assist with this process.
  3. Payments are a  concern especially with regard to touching cash so in view of this only card telephone payments are being taken. The Parish Council will temporarily cover the cost  for those who are unable to do this to be paid back after the crisis.
  4. Progress to date since going live on 21st March has resulted in assisting 5 elderly Parishioners.
  5. Following the latest announcement from the Prime Minister CFPC will continue to maintain the strictest of controls regarding the continuation of this support in the fashion as described above unless otherwise advised.


Note that the address details of the Village Hall is:


Caythorpe Village Hall

High Street



NG32 3DR


Irnham Parish Council

Irnham Parish Council has set up a WhatsApp group so that vulnerable and self isolating residents can ask for help and others can volunteer to help by shopping, fetching prescriptions, etc.

The local Coop have offered free local food delivery to those who can’t get to the shop and the pub is offering take away meals and perhaps delivery.


As a very small community we are all well known to each other and at present have no particular concerns.


Kirkby Underwood Parish Council

We are a small village north of Bourne consisting of approx 80 households, and over 50% of those households have a vulnerable member.

We have established a community page on Facebook for rapid mass communication Kirkby Underwood Community Support.

We have issued leaflets to every household with details of 4 points of contact.

This is also on the Facebook page.

We have a support process documented and have a risk assessment to be issued to any volunteers.

We have a list of volunteers and have attempted to document the status of the more vulnerable households.

We operate a good neighbour policy at all times.

We are aware that not everyone has technology but all have a phone.

Most of us know each other and are respectful of the individuals privacy.

Many would not like to be classified as vulnerable.

Most of us are either self regulating or have family support.

Because we are not in a town most residents have a reasonable ladder they can call on.

Very few of our residents have signed up to Supermarket delivery schemes

We are compiling a list of local food retailers who will either deliver or allow collection.

At the moment we regard ourselves as on standby while we wait to see what develops and where help is needed.


Langtoft Parish Council

Langtoft Parish Council COVID 19 – LEAFLET -FINAL


Little Bytham Parish Council

We are living in challenging times and as a Parish Council we wanted to update you of the actions we are taking:

  1. Our Website containing the following links is the primary sources of information:
  2. Public Health England
  3. NHS
  4. WHO


Notices will be issued via:

    1. The Parish Notice Board
    2. Glenside
    3. Pinned around the village

Whilst we anticipate that the local community will come together to assist friends and neighbours in the village, we would like to assure anyone with specific needs that councillors can be contacted if you have any concerns for yourselves or others.  All contact details can be found on the Parish Council website.

Please do ask one of us and don’t rely on any strangers for assistance.

Stay Safe and lets all pull together,


Little Bytham Parish Council


East Lindsey

Spilsby Town Council

I set up an Emergency Group last week comprising of the food banks, Churches, Good Neighbours Scheme, a volunteer and members of the Town Council. We have received, from the Lincolnshire Coop, Approved Community Pass which I am giving out to the volunteers so that they can collect shopping and prescriptions from the coop. Sainsbury’s wouldn’t do the same scheme. I have also got cards from the coop to give to people so that they can claim their dividend within 120 days if someone else has done their shopping. I have set up a Facebook page called Spilsby Covid 19 Help Page. A ‘WhatsApp’ group for the volunteers and Emergency Group. The volunteers have put cards through residents doors that offers help, with a phone number and what they can help with. I’ve done posters for people to put in their windows to say they are self-isolating and that they won’t be coming to the door. I’ve done everything on yellow card so that it stands out.


Alford Town Council

Here in Alford we also have a similar group as Spilsby, we are working with a local business lady who set up a facebook page before we got set-up. Her facebook page is helping to keep moral up and provide day to day information, the Town Council Website will be used for official information – to avoid fake news etc. We have a dedicated help line manned by volunteers to deal with queries. A delivery drivers group who will help all the incredible local shops by delivering shopping and medication. We are working with our food bank and now have not only the co-ops scheme which allows people to pick up goods for those who can’t get out but our own arrangement with the Lincolnshire co-op which will allow people to get food using a town council voucher, these will be issued by the food bank. We are also leafleting every property with information.

Utterby Village Hall

Parish Council Meetings for Utterby are held at:

Utterby Village Hall

Main Road


LN11 0TQ


This village hall is run by the Utterby Village Hall Management Committee (under the Utterby Village Hall Trust) and NOT by the Parish Council (but many of the parish Councillors also sit on that committee).
Contact  Tel: 01472841472

We will not be meeting for the next 4 months.


Ludborough Parish Council

Ludborough Parish council have delivered leaflets to all houses in the village with information on how to keep safe, and also dvd swaps/book swap drop of points in the village for people self-isolating, so they can go and swap books and dvds in a box in the village so no contact is made, also several people have offered to drop these on door steps of individuals who are not leaving their homes. (disinfected and with gloves as stated in the leaflet). Someone has also offered their tennis courts for two household members at a time to play tennis to keep active during this time, the courts are at the bottom of her garden so there is no need for contact between the owner and user.

There are also 6 phone numbers of villagers in the leaflet who can be contacted if anyone requires food supplies/ prescriptions or any necessity that they are without and can’t get themselves.

There is also an act of kindness of some schoolboys who have handwritten letters to all 85 houses offering to walk dogs or post letters for people.

The Livesey Arms pub in the village has also started doing a takeaway service where the food can be dropped at your door or pull into the car park and the food placed in your boot so there is no contact. (All payments made over the phone).

Ludborough Is doing everything it can to help its residents feel safe and assured they won’t be alone in this and there is always someone to help if they need it.


Legbourne Parish Council

A leaflet seeking volunteer interest (and also asking anyone who needed assistance to supply their details) was distributed to all households in the village on Saturday.

At the moment eleven volunteers have offered their services for things like picking up / dropping off shopping or urgent supplies, posting letters or chatting with those in self isolation or shielding.

There may be a few more in the next couple of days.


Great and Little Carlton Parish Council

Covid-19 special of the local Community Newsletter. The Parish Council postcode is LN11 8JU


Wainfleet All Saints Town Council

Wainfleet All Saints Town Council meetings take place at Coronation Hall, 23 Barkham Street, Wainfleet All Saint, Lincs. PE24 4DQ. We rent office space from the Coronation Hall and our meetings are held in a room they provide to us.

Furthermore, a group of key local people, championed by our district councillor, Wendy Bowkett, initiated a project last week to offer assistance where possible to our local residents in the surrounding area. This started with the issuing of flyers (see attachment) posted to the houses within the community, along with announcements on social media, our website and noticeboards.

Wainfleet Area Self Isolation support


Burgh Le Marsh Parish Council

In the event of needing a community hub / cell our village hall adjacent to the Council Offices will be used:


Burgh le Marsh Village Hall

Jacksons Lane

Burgh le Marsh

PE24 5LA


East and West Barkwith Parish Council

At this stage, I can report that the family at the village shop and Post Office has offered to run a delivery service, mail collection, assistance with urgent supplies and ‘a friendly phone call’ for anyone who is self-isolating.  Other residents are known to be acting individually in keeping an eye on their neighbours and offering whatever help may be needed.


At Thursday night’s council meeting, it was agreed that the council would be on ‘stand-by’ to co-ordinate support activities if needed and that contact details would be publicised for this, and any other matter, while the council itself will operate by e-mails and telephone calls, holding no public meetings until ‘the worst is over’.


Binbrook Parish Council

The Parish council has issued a flyer with my name and number on it that went out last Thursday (19th) it asked for volunteers to help and those that are the most vulnerable to contact me for help if needed.


We had a good response for helpers and as the week progressed people asking for help. This mainly came in the form of handing in prescriptions (which they can do by phone now) and collection them in a couple of days.


Frithville, Westville, Carrington & New Bolingbroke

Attached is a flyer that we have given to our postmen for Frithville, Westville, Carrington & New Bolingbroke, they will give a copy to anyone they know is isolated with no=one to help them.

I have asked the contacts on that list to let me know of any calls they receive so that I can inform you.
A copy of this will go in the 3 notice boards, on the Carrington Parish Council Facebook page & on the 2 council websites. I have also emailed it to the Carrington Emergency Plan Team & all Councillors.

If we get lots of calls then we have a few back up people we can call on to help us, below.

Frithville, Westville, Carrington & New Bolingbroke Coronavirus Help


Mablethorpe & Sutton Town Council

On behalf of the Mayor and the Town Council I take this opportunity to thank everyone who is helping in any way within our community.

Please read the following email very carefully to avoid ANY confusion AND to ensure correct and relevant information is shared with the wider public.






Members of staff are working from home with call diversions in place – there may be a delay in call connection.


Town Clerk                01507 613 644


Deputy Clerk             01507 613 645


Admin Assistant       01507 613 646


Whilst public meetings are cancelled, the Town Council will prioritise service delivery within the community where possible. Patience and understanding at this time is promoted and welcomed.


To date the Town Council has closed the weekly market but public toilets remain open at present (with additional robust cleaning taking place) in order to limit additional potential health issues as there are still a number of visitors in the area despite Government advice!





LINCOLSHIRE RESILIANCE FORUM (LRF) – DEDICATED SUPPORT FOR LINCOLNSHIRE – These details can be shared with all groups and individuals:


The LRF contact details are as follows:


Contact number:    01522 782189



This website can be used by persons requesting help or offering support.




Local Support – These details are for local support group coordinators / Councillors  / other organisations and should not be readily shared with individuals:



Mablethorpe & Sutton Community Assistance




Email no 1:                                                                                                                 (Community Assistance specific & preferred email):


Email no 2:


Email no 3:


Email no 4:



Emergency and out of hours: Steve Fletcher Town Clerk – 07976 989 809 (mobile – 24 hrs)




General Advice


Emergency Response:

Should anyone call for a medical emergency of any kind, please ensure groups or individuals do not try to respond. Refer to the appropriate medical professional(s),


Insurance & Record Keeping:

Local groups and volunteers registered with a local recognised group are covered by the Town Council / LRF insurance but each group must put simple (and common sense) safeguarding, operational and social distancing measures in place.


Local groups / volunteers are advised to keep simple records of any help /assistance requests received and delivered.


Simple stationery items (pens / paper etc.) are available free of charge to groups in the parish on request and receipt books will be available from Monday 30th March.


Service Delivery:

In the event of any member of a group or organisation being stopped by the Police (or other body) for verification whilst they are undertaking voluntary

assistance within the community, they should advise that they are part of the Mablethorpe & Sutton Community Assistance project and give the following

contact number: 01522               – this number must not be used for any other purpose


A limited supply of cards are being printed with this information on for volunteer groups to issue to their respective volunteers.




Should you require any further advice or assistance – please contact me via email  or on mobile 07976 989 809.


Further advice and guidance will follow as appropriate.


Kind regards and above all, please keep yourself and others safe by following Government advice on social distancing and social isolation.


Scamblesby Parish Council

Scamblesby have set up a support group for help with shopping, prescriptions etc. Email, tel 01507 343186 or 07968769251.  Facebook page ‘Scamblesby Volunteers’


Frithville, Westville, Carrington & New Bolingbroke

Frithville, Westville, Carrington & New Bolingbroke Coronavirus Help


Tattershall & Tattershall Thorpe Parish Council

Tattershall and Tatershall Thorpe Community Support Group


West Lindsey


Bardney Group Parish Council

Bardney Group Parish Council are working with two groups in our area.

  • Clean Hands, Open Hearts operates in Bardney and is lead by Rev David Bartlett.  This group are a collaboration between BGPC, Lincolnshire Co-op, Bardney C of E and Methodist Primary School and the United Parish of Bardney.
  • Southrey have a self-supporting group lead by James Bateman.


Legsby Parish Meeting

Legsby Parish Meeting Resident Flyer


Caistor Town Council

In Caistor we have set up a support group with a dedicated Town Council phone line (01472 851498) linking those in need to volunteers who will help with all manner of things, from collecting prescriptions from Boots or shopping from Coop, in partnership with other groups.


Welton Parish Council

Welton Parish Council has formed a Community Aid group covering Welton and Dunholme – the contact details are through the Parish Council:

Welton-by-Lincoln Parish Council

The Parish Office

7 Lincoln Road




01673 860336

Office Hours:

Monday – Thursday 9.00am – 3.00pm

Friday 9.00am – 12.00pm


Willoughton Parish Council

Here in the Parish of Willoughton, the members of the Parish Council have offered to help anyone experiencing difficulties. Telephone numbers have been supplied, both home and mobile. We have also got two people in the Village who have put out fliers offering help with shopping, a chat on the ‘phone etc. I am not aware of anyone who is vulnerable who doesn’t have the offer of help, but this may change.


Legsby Parish Meetings

Currently setting up a Legby Parish Meeting Facebook page.

Discussions regarding setting up a community support group should it be required. Noticeboards available to share community information.


Kettlethorpe Parish Council

Kettlethorpe Parish Council holds its meetings each month in Kettlethorpe Village Hall, LN1 2GZ. and the hall has heating, lighting and toilet facilities.

The secretary of the Hall is Mrs Ann Close,   01427 718517

Discussions have taken place by phone and e-mail over possible vulnerable people in the Parish and of those that have been contacted, each has said that a neighbour is helping, but members are looking further into it.


Springthorpe Parish Meeting

Springthorpe parish meeting hold our parish meetings in Springthorpe Village Hall. The postcode is DN21 5QD.

We have set up an army of volunteers to help anyone with anything they may need.

Whoever needs help with anything, rings my number and we will contact one of the volunteers to help them out.

Somebody else in the village has set up a specific website to keep people in touch with each other. This website can only be accessed by invitation and contains puzzles, photos and anything that residents and their friends want to share.

It is amazing and uplifting to see what a generous and community minded village we live in.


Saxilby Parish Council

St Andrews Community Centre

William Street





Community Centre. 2 large rooms upstairs (Function Room and Youth Club Room – maximum capacity on first floor 120 people) plus Meeting Room (8-10 people). Disabled lift. Space downstairs in library or bar area. Toilets and showers. Large car park. Refreshment facilities (hot drinks, snacks, soft drinks). Can be manned with Parish Council staff as required.

Saxilby Community Support Leaflet


Fenton and Torksey Lock Parish Council

The Fenton and Torksey Parish Council operates from LN1 2EJ and covers Torksey Lock and Fenton

We have assigned a Local Vounteer coordinator – Cllr Neil Ingermels and are in the process of compiling a list of local volunteers to assist with vulnerable people in the Parish.


Lea Parish Council

Lea Parish Council Support Group


Sudbrooke Parish Council

Sudbrooke has a Community Group put together by our local churches, for shopping, dog walking, prescriptions or just a chat.  Our local shop will also deliver.

They prepared a detailed poster for circulation to the residents email list that I hold (about 120).

Sudbrooke Village Support for the vulnerable


Scotton Parish Council

Re: Scotton Parish Council action
The chairman and Council of the Parish have been proactive and acted quickly.  A group of volunteers have been established and an A5 leaflet was distributed to every household in Scotton, with the details of volunteers who were available to help those in need.
The Parish Council are signed up to government emails and will distribute any information requested by the District Council or government bodies.  A public notice has been posted on facebook, the Parish website and noticeboard advising people to heed government advice.


Bigby Parish Council

We have put out a leaflet to all residents offering the help of councillors if they need it.  We have identified people in the village of Bigby as most councillors are residents of Bigby.  However, we are unsure about residents of the parish that live outside the village.  All have been sent a copy of the leaflet through the post.

Parish Council meetings take place in Bigby Village Hall, Main Street, Bigby,

DN38 6EW


Cherry Willingham, Reepham and Fiskerton

Cherry Willingham Reepham and Fiskerton Corona Leaflet – Mar 2020

Reepham Parish Council letter to residents – Coronavirus and its effects Mar 2020


Nettleham Parish Council

31.03.20 – Nettleham Volunteers service


South Holland


Fleet Parish Council

The Parish Council itself is not directly involved in any emergency plans, but a group of volunteers have distributed cards with a volunteer name and phone number to contact should any one self-isolating need any shopping or assistance.  This is being overseen by an ex councillor and myself.

There is a link to a whatsapp group which can be obtained from the ‘Friends of Fleet’ Facebook page.


Crowland Parish Council

Crowland Parish Council has no specific initiatives but are working with and supporting Crowland Cares who have provided this sort of general support for over 25 years and are ramping up activity to help the most vulnerable during the pandemic.

Crowland Cares have also opened dialogue with Lincolnshire Co-op and the local dairy man.


Boston Borough

No information currently received