2019-20 Pay Scales

New pay scales

Following the introduction of the National Living Wage, the National Joint Council for local government, which agrees on pay and conditions for employers applying national terms, has introduced a new pay spine effective from 2 April 2019. You can read about how that effects clerks employed on the national agreement terms agreed between NALC and the Society of Local Council Clerks in our employment briefing in the NALC area LTN’s and Briefings. This agreement is being reviewed and is a priority for next year.
Finance settlement delayed

The provisional local government finance settlement has been delayed due to debates in parliament on Brexit and will now be announced next week. NALC has been liaising closely with ministers and officials since the technical consultation was published, proposing not to extend council tax referendums to local (parish and town) councils, as part of the three-year deal announced in February. I am not expecting any surprises and NALC will be providing a briefing on the day.


E02-18 – 2019-2020 NATIONAL SALARY AWARD (1)

Posted Thursday, 7th July 2022