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A reminder that councils with a turnover of under £25,000 can apply for funding towards the cost of compliance with the Code, and publication of the necessary information on a local website……… 

The Transparency Fund Grant Board, at its initial meeting, set some guidelines as to the maximum amounts which will be considered in respect of any application – as follows:

Internet set up costs – £300
Internet annual costs – £300
Website set up costs – £500
Website annual costs – £300
Training costs – £400
Computer costs – £350
Scanner costs – £100
Staffing costs – Up to £15 per hour
Staffing set up costs – Up to 50 hours
Monthly staffing costs – Up to 3 hours per month

Funding requests must be directly related to the publication of information as required by the Code.  It was decided that the following items are not covered by the Transparency Fund: data storage, projectors, voice recorders and anti-virus software.

However, if an authority considers they need additional items, they are welcome to put them in their application with an explanation of why the need is there, and the Board will consider them on merit.

To date all 32 applications have been successful to the tune of £15,100.41, a further batch of applications will be submitted for consideration towards the end of February, if approved funds will be released towards the end of March 2016.

The funding for the grant programme is expected to be over three years or until funds are exhausted; however in light of the Comprehensive Spending Review and Autumn Statement 2015, the Board would urge all authorities to apply as soon as possible to ensure they apply while the money is available.

For further details, and an application form, please contact Lindsey via or on 01673 866596/01673 863417.

Posted Monday, 4th July 2022