Connect to Support Lincolnshire

Lincolnshire County Council has been working with others to establish the Joint Strategic Asset Assessment which is a Venues, Buildings and Facilities register on the Connect to Support Lincolnshire website. The register aims to give everyone access to information such as community buildings, other venues, green spaces, woodland, etc., together with travel options and access routes (public footpaths, cycle routes, etc.) so that people can organise community events, decide where to base new or existing groups and services and find where gaps are so that they can work together to prioritise developments (and much more!).

We have already entered nearly two thousand locations or assets on the register during phase one of the project. However, we would never be able to record the huge number of assets at a local level; and the success of Connect to Support Lincolnshire is dependent on this community-level data, which is why we need to work more closely with people and organisations who have greater local knowledge.

During the next phase of this project, we want to work with local organisations and help to develop action plans that will enable us to jointly collect and input all of the information you think we need to finalise this resource. We also want communities to take an active role in sustaining the register and keeping it up to date, so we will be asking you to think about what you would use it for, what information you would need, and how it could be obtained.

We are pleased to invite you to one of these district-level online workshops that are intended to take this resource to the next level. Please follow the appropriate link to take you to the event dedicated to the area you cover and please forward on to anyone you feel would benefit from being involved. If you cover more than one area you only need to attend one workshop but you are welcome to attend more. If you cannot make the date for the area you cover, feel free to book on any workshop.


10-11:30am 1-2:30pm
14th September West Lindsey  East Lindsey 
16th September Lincoln North Kesteven
21st September South Kesteven Boston 
23rd September South Holland


The success of Connect to Support Lincolnshire will be determined by local groups and organisations getting involved so we really do hope you can make it. Please get in contact with Rob Hewis if you have any questions.

The sessions will include the following:

  • Introduction to Connect to Support Lincolnshire and the Joint Strategic Asset Assessment register
  • Discussion about the gaps and opportunities to develop the register
  • Requirements for the register such as data, filters and maps
  • Resource needs (and how we might obtain these resources)
  • Action plans
  • Key partners that need to be involved in the next phase of the project
  • Questions

Posted Wednesday, 6th July 2022