Death of HRH The Duke of Edinburgh

The following message has been posted to the online book of condolence on behalf of LALC by our association chairman, Cllr Tony Howard:

The Lincolnshire Association of Local Councils sends condolences to the family and close colleagues of His Royal Highness, The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh on behalf of all the town councils, parish councils and parish meetings within its membership. Particularly at this time we remember the many visits His Royal Highness made to this county which brought joy at times of celebration and comfort at times of great sadness.


NACO guidance was forwarded to all member councils by LALC on Friday. A summary is given below:

  • Flag Flying

No one should be required specifically to travel to various buildings to lower flags to half-mast.

  • Books of Condolence

Use the online books of condolence where these are available.

  • Organisation of Local Events

Councils may wish to postpone any plans that they have to hold events (including civic church services).

  • Laying of Flowers and Donations

Councils might suggest that people should make donations instead of gathering or laying flowers.  Nobody should feel obliged to donate.  Buckingham Palace have confirmed this approach.

  • Social Media

Use social media appropriately.

  • Meetings of Council

Meetings of council may choose to start with a minute’s silence.


Lincolnshire County Council’s website has a variety of comments and links to the online book of condolence.

Posted Wednesday, 6th July 2022