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Council website checklist

Council website checklist December 2021

from Pete Langford


• The Parish Council Vacancies page: is it correct with no outdated items still displayed.
• Future Parish Council Meeting Dates: If not already showing, please check to see if you have all the known dates of all your meetings in 2022. If you have additional committees, these dates can be added if known.
• Newsletters: if on the website, are they up-to-date or are any missing?
• Latest News: are the articles still required? I suspect many of you can now dispense with the article relating to the ‘new website’.

Council Business Homepage

• It is recommended, even if not a legal requirement, that you have 5 years-worth of agendas and minutes on your website but as the legislation didn’t apply until September 2018, this is where the accessible documents should start. Therefore, if your Council Business Homepage doesn’t show documents from September 2018 to current day, please have a look and if you have any missing documents, please send them to me for inclusion not only as accessible documents but also for the archives.
• Your councils’ policies: are they all on the website? Are they the latest versions?
• Financial documents such as AGAR, Precept, Budgets should all be available from at least the 2018-19 Financial Year. Does your site have them? Are any missing documents available for inclusion? If so, please send them to me and I’ll do the rest.

Parish Information Homepage

• Are there any more informative articles that could be added for the benefit of your parishioners or viewers from further afield?
• Are there outdated articles that need to be removed?
• If you have a Village Hall, is there a link to their website or at bare minimum, is there a webpage on your site dedicated to it?
• Local schools almost always have their own website; does your website have links to them? Pre-school playgroups can also be included here.
• Medical practices; Post Offices; Churches; Cemetery Information; National Trust buildings; Allotments; Neighbourhood Plans; Temporary Traffic Restrictions; Facebook pages;
• Specific Census 2021 information should now be removed; however, you may have more generalised information pages included that you wish to keep.
• Any articles relating to HRH Prince Philip’s passing should be removed as well as articles relating to Act of Remembrance, old Litter Pick and Christmas Fayre articles in addition to District Council Waste Collection articles that no longer apply.

The five links at the bottom of every page on the website

Are all these pages populated with information?


Is there information on this page relating generally to what the Parish Council does and looks after. You could add on here their responsibilities and what the Council Assets are.


This is one of your policies; it just happens to be located in a different place. Is it current? Does the date showing within the text show a 2021 date? If not, was it reviewed in 2021 along with your other policies?


This is normally the page that shows who is a member of the Council, in what capacity, and their contact Details. GDPR is heavily involved in this page as I don’t know whether your councillors have provided you with written confirmation of what they are happy for you to display to the public. Please ensure you have that written authority to display their personal contact details. You can also display your District, County and MP details on here too. As all these details are available in the public domain, you don’t need written authority here. Should you wish, I can also link to their webpage on the District or County Council websites which will provide a great deal more information. In addition, if you wish to have your own Councillors & Clerk profiles with a photo, this is also an option and has been completed on a couple of websites.

Cookies You can ignore this page as it is the responsibility of Lincolnshire County Council staff to maintain this page with the latest version.


• This is another of your policies and again, it just happens to be located in a different place. Is it current? Does the date showing within the text show a 2021 date? If not, was it reviewed in 2021 along with your other policies?


Please remember; I will not change the information on a website unless you ask me to. It is imperative that you know what is on your website at all times in case a member of the council or public quizzes you; you should be able to give them at least a general answer.

Also, if someone states they cannot access a particular page on your website on a particular mobile device, check on a similar mobile device to see if that same page can be accessed on another device of a different make and model if possible. The website does depend upon people keeping their devices’ software up to date and if they don’t, it may stop pages from working on one device whilst working correctly everywhere else.

Posted Saturday, 21st May 2022