LALC guidance on meetings to be held from May 2021

The following news update was sent from LALC to all councils on 29th March:

 The government announced on 25th March that emergency legislation regarding virtual council meetings would not be extended. This is disappointing news at this stage and we will look at what this means for council meetings from 7th May onwards. We will keep you informed as this develops.

 The following links will provide further information:

 MHCLG Press release on the safe use of council offices, MHCLG, 25th March 

Letter from Luke Hall MP, MHCLG 

 MHCLG Guidance has been issued for the safe use of council buildings.

Call for evidence from MHCLG seeks views on the use of the current arrangements which have provided express provision for local authorities to hold meetings remotely or in a hybrid format during the coronavirus pandemic.


Statement from Local Government Association, 25th March 

News update from NALC

A challenge was previously launched to request a declaration in the High Court regarding this matter. This has been given permission to proceed. See a Lawyers in Local Government blog from 24th March. 

LALC guidance on meetings to be held from May 2021  sent to member councils 30th March 2021

Posted Sunday, 3rd July 2022