Letter from Simon Clarke MP

NALC has received a letter from Simon Clarke MP, Minister for Regional Growth and Local Government at MHCLG. It thanks organisations across local government that “have responded so magnificently to the challenge of ensuring that vital council business continues by conducting your council meetings remotely”. The letter also provides information on changes to the regulations that affect Parish Meetings — you can find out more in our legal briefing. It also contains a range of useful information and guidance on several topics related to council meetings, all of which align with NALC’s views. The letter also includes information on the six-month attendance rule, which might affect some councillors if they have not been attending meetings during the pandemic, so it’s worth checking that information.

SC – local authority meetings regulations – 12.08.20

L01-20- (Revised) The-Local-Authorities-and-Police-and-Crime-Panels-(Coronavirus)-(Flexibility-of-Local-Authority-and-Police-and-Crime-Panel-Meetings)-(England-and

Posted Thursday, 7th July 2022