NALC and BHIB release new risk assessment guide


NALCĀ and BHIB Councils Insurance have produced a new guide on risk assessment for COVID-19.

The guide features guidance and information to help make risk assessments and directs to useful resources from the government and the Health and Safety Executive, with specific details on how to adapt your risk assessments for COVID-19. The guide also contains two templates designed especially for local (parish and town) councils that will help start risk assessments.

During the early part of the COVID-19 pandemic, the government decided on what could remain open or closed. As the situation moves into a new phase, there will likely be no national position, and the increasing emphasis is placed on individuals or organisations to make decisions. For local councils, the decision to reopen facilities such as play equipment, community halls or sports facilities, or to return to office working will need to be made case-by-case. A vital part of that decision-making process will be how to assess and manage risk.

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Posted Thursday, 7th July 2022