NALC – Borrowing approval guidance

This week NALC have added to their website five really helpful documents which local councils should refer to when submitting an application for borrowing approval. These include a presentation from Shafi Khan, Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government to the recent county officers finance day, a handy tips sheet, a hints and tips note, a resident questionnaire, and a template cash-flow forecast table.

Please follow the links below to access the documents:

EVIDENCE REQUIREMENT – (Hints Tips) – Takeaway Note for Audience – (MHCLG) (1)

NALC BAA – (Hints Tips Note) – TEMPLATE (1)

NALC borrowing approval checklist

TEMPLATE – General Project Consultation Precept Increase Survey Questionaire (1)

TEMPLATE Example – CASH FLOW Forecast Table – C (1)

Posted Sunday, 3rd July 2022