NALC – Coronavirus — information for parish & town councils 25/5/2020

NALC has updated its dedicated webpage on the coronavirus. This includes updates on cybersecurity, a FREE digital copy of LCR Spring 2020 and managing risks to the council. See the updates below:

Coronavirus and cybersecurity

The National Centre for Cyber Security has launched a campaign geared towards the public during COVID-19 times. This includes useful best practice we can all be following at work, but also it is useful information to share with residents.

LCR magazine

The recently published issue of NALC’s flagship magazine, LCR, features a coronavirus-themed special section. As local councils stepped up to help the vulnerable in their communities at the outset of the pandemic, there was clear evidence that the magazine could provide some must-read practical tips to local councils and also present some great leadership cases studies. Read LCR Spring 2020 for FREE.

Managing risks to the council

On Monday, the government announced a series of dates for loosening of the lockdown restrictions that apply to retail. This is accompanied by updated guidance on how to assess and manage risk to be able to re-open shops and branches. This guidance includes a list of the types of shops that will be able to re-open which includes a number that many local councils may run or manage such as gift shops and retail spaces in theatres, museums, libraries, heritage sites and tourism sites, indoor and outdoor markets and craft fairs.

Posted Monday, 4th July 2022