Poster RE Covid to put up in your communities….(amended 7.10.20)

Please see below an amended Covid poster as both a PDF and JPEG along with guidance on putting these on LCC Town and Parish Council websites:


Covid-19 letter (4)


The best way to display this on the new parish council websites to ensure it is accessible would be to add the information as a news item by copying out the text so that those with disabilities can access it.

The image would need to be inserted within the text box below the written information using the ‘insert image’ tool  and not attached by clicking on ‘image library’ between ‘news time’ and summary text’. If you do this way, the picture will be small and hard to see.

Here is an example of how it should look:—help-us-keep-lincolnshire-safe

This You Tube video shows you how to add a news item:

The reason this is a more accessible way of having the information on the website rather than simply attaching a PDF is because something like a PDF is a separate entity to the website so if you are visually impaired for example and have used the ‘change accessibility settings’ on the accessibility page of the website to make the font bigger or change the colour contrast, things like PDFs are not automatically converted unlike the webpages you create and so it makes it more difficult for those with disabilities to access the information as when they click on the PDF, they will lose the large font or colour they have applied for their needs.

Posted Friday, 1st July 2022