Research request: Performance Appraisal

Cas Leo, a Town Clerk and Parish Councillor in Cornwall  is undertaking a master’s dissertation with University of Edinburgh Napier University Business School on Performance Appraisal in 1st Tier Councils.  It could lead to some really useful material to improve clerk’s/others performance and relationships with their councillors. The completion of the questionnaire is completely voluntary, no person can be identified who completes the questionnaire. You do not need to be appraised or appraise others to complete it either. The generic findings will be published at the end of the year and will be made available to SLCC/NALC/One Voice Wales.

If councillors, clerks and other staff could complete the questionnaire by 4 August 21 the findings could help establish what is currently taking place and possibly recommended improvements. Thank you; please share and complete if you’re a councillor or work for a council.

At the time of publication 126 responses have been received so far.

Posted Wednesday, 6th July 2022