Update from NALC regarding Coronavirus…

Yesterday NALC’s senior management team met to discuss the implications of the developing Coronavirus situation and its impact on NALC’s work and resilience. There were a number of issues from that meeting that we wanted to share with you:

Keeping up to date

The LGA has published a very useful list of different government advice sources https://www.local.gov.uk/coronavirus-information-councils we would recommend taking a look at Government advice at regular intervals. We all (NALC, CALCs and local councils) should be using government advice to inform decisions and be checking that advice regularly.

Emergency preparedness

While we expect we will be able to continue to work as normal, it is worth preparing for all eventualities.

Having considered our different communications channels, if there is a significant reduction in NALC capacity then at a minimum we will keep the NALC website up to date with that information. This would be the first port of call for any council wishing to know the status of NALC’s capacity. Most likely this would be a clearly visible note on the homepage of our status. For communication with County Associations – we expect we would always be able to maintain individual email contact especially for any urgent correspondence.

 Working with Government

We will also be engaging with Government on a range of issues – with particular emphasis that any decisions about principal authority working eg holding of councils meetings or elections, are made with the impact of local councils in mind as well. We will keep you updated on any developments.

Posted Saturday, 2nd July 2022