Zoom Discount – updated information following the expiry of discount code

It has come to light that the discount code shared in the most recent edition of LALC E-News (w/c 20/4/2020) has now expired. Unfortunately we were not advised of any expiry date, so apologies to those of you that have tried to subscribe for £4.99 per month and haven’t been able to.

The information provided previously on the LALC website regarding subscriptions for £7.99 per month when 10 or more licenses are purchased is still accurate, however the email address for councils to contact directly has been removed as the discount will not be applied by individual councils contacting Zoom customer support. LALC are gathering interest of those Councils wishing to subscribe at the £7.99 rate, and once we have at least 10, we will look in to how best to arrange the purchasing of the licenses.

If your council would like to express an interest in purchasing the discounted license, please email lindsey.westman@lalc.co.uk

Posted Monday, 4th July 2022