Zoom Security Guide

LALC have received a number of messages regarding the security when using Zoom. Please find attached the Zoom Security Guidance. We hope that this alleviates some concerns.

A gentle reminder that local councils have a duty to be open and transparent throughout all of their work, therefore anything discussed in open sessions of public meetings should be available for all members of the public and press. The only consideration required regarding access to Zoom meetings is if the Council require to enter into closed session. As you will learn through the Zoom training LALC are providing and the quick start guide, there are a number of ways that councils can chose to manage this.

It is LALC’s view that if Councils have suitable security in place for their electronic devices, and manage confidentiality appropriately, then Zoom is an excellent resource for holding remote meetings. As with all decisions, it is ultimately the Councils choice whether they use this platform for remote meetings, a different one (there are a vast amount available) or whether they continue working from decisions made prior to the legislation (such as giving Clerk’s delegated powers and not holding meetings for whatever period of time has been agreed). Please note, however, that decisions made prior to the legislation via email are still not legal decisions and must be ratified at a legal meeting of the Council, whether this be a remote meeting or the next physical meeting the Council holds.


Posted Monday, 4th July 2022