Courses Provided Directly by LALC

    Included within our Annual Training Scheme for all clerks and councillors.

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              Councillor Induction and refresher

              3 hours

              Overview looking at the role of local councils, powers and duties, policies and procedures.

              New clerk

              12 hours

              Building on the basics for anyone who has become a clerk within the last two years.

              Council procedures and meetings

              6 hours

              Agendas, minutes, meetings, powers, duties and policies.


              6 hours

              In depth reminder of legislation, powers and duties, procedures, planning, finance and engagement.


              6 hours

              In depth course covering topics including powers and duties, policy and procedure, employment, meetings , planning, financial management.

              Chairman and Clerk

              6 hours

              For clerks and current or prospective council or committee chairmen, Can attend separately or together. Covers working together, agendas and minutes, meetings, council procedures. 


              2 hours

              Separate gatherings for clerks and councillors
              Organised in clusters by district.
              May include presentations from LALC partners.


              2 hours

              Covers the relationship between the chairman and the vice-chairman, clerk, other councillors and members of the community. 

              Website maintenance 

              5 hours

              For clerks without any previous JADU experience who would like to manage their own Lincolnshire County Council website.

              Website maintenance refresher

              2.5 hours

              For clerks who have already received JADU training who are already managing their Lincolnshire County Council website.