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"If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you.  If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you." 

Annual Training Scheme


Current Training Bulletin


Training Courses - CORE 

Join the Annual Training Scheme and these frequent courses are included suitable for both Clerk and Councillors.
If you do not want to join the Annual Training Scheme you pay a fee for every trainee attending a course.

Courses may be held remotely or face to face and may be split across more than one session.  The precise contents of all courses may change from event to event. 

The length of all courses is approximate and may change depending on number of attendees, format and content delivery format.

If you just want to book places on an event or training course click on this button  Events


Delivered via Zoom by


The Parkinson Partnership LLP

Book courses through LALC.


Provided via Zoom by Chris Moses

Personnel Advice and Solutions Ltd

 Provided via David Kaiserman  



Delivered by Lincs CC




Delivered by Lincs CC




Delivered by Ewan Robson



Non-Core Training

These specialist courses are NOT covered by the Annual Training Scheme and a fee per trainee will be invoiced after the event.

Some courses will be arranged when sufficient participants have been identified so let us know if you need these courses if a date is not shown in our events listings.

Book for scheduled courses via Events or leave an expression of interest via Contact Us.


Presented by

Andrew Towlerton Associates

September 2024



Delivered by Roger Taylor

Weller's Law Group  


This is the recognised level 3 professional qualification for clerks


Breakthrough Communications are NALC’s national partners for Social Media and Communication

Full day face to face courses may involve an additional cost of £12.50 per participant to cover a buffet lunch.
Some courses are offered across multiple dates and participants need to attend each session. Dates of all courses are available via Events

LALC are also available for bespoke training for your council. Please send enquiries via  Contact us .


All bookings for training should be made through your Clerk using the training links through their account portal.  This may also be possible by Acting Clerks or the Chair if the Clerk is absent as long as the Council has authorised the spending. Most courses will attract a charge, however, considerable savings can be made if the Council joins LALC's Annual Training Scheme. 

LALC offer training courses on a diverse range of topic areas, in addition to the provision of core membership support and advice.  Tailored to meet the current and ongoing training needs of Clerks and Councillors, we use feedback from our members and delegates to ensure that our programme is topical and refreshed regularly.


Membership runs from 1 April and expires on 31 March the following year. This is a one off annual payment only that is paid in addition to the annual LALC subscription charge.  Once paid, any number of councillors or clerks may attend Core training events at no further costs except for £12.50 plus vat to cover refreshment and lunch costs for attendance at all day face to face events.

Paying this one off fee has proved to be a very cost saving exercise for councils.

LALC’s training structure:

Course fees from April 2024

CORE TRAINING: will be included in the ATS

Refreshments – light refreshments e.g. tea/coffee are provided. Member Councils will be invoiced £12.50 plus vat per delegate to cover lunch costs for full day events.

CORE TRAINING for councils that do not subscribe to the Annual Training Scheme:

£30 +VAT per delegate for any morning/afternoon/evening session (incl. refreshments)

£72.50 +VAT per delegate for an all-day event including lunch & refreshments. £60 if held remotely.

NON-CORE TRAINING for  councils that subscribe to the Annual Training Scheme:

£30 +VAT per delegate for any morning/afternoon/evening session including refreshments

£72.50 +VAT per delegate for an all-day event including lunch & refreshments   £60 if held remotely.

Please note that this Training Scheme does not cover the training package for the Certificate in Local Council Administration (CiLCA).

The new fees are £275 which includes an introductory half day plus 3 days training together with 6 months mentoring. Once candidates are ready to submit modules to SLCC their fee is currently £450 and would be paid to SLCC direct. 

Interested candidates should complete the online booking form to register their interest, and will receive an email with an update in regard to possible dates. 

Those wishing to pay for their own training may do so by contacting the LALC office to discuss further.

The Annual Cost of joining the scheme is divided into a number of bands that are calculated and based on the individual council’s number of electors (N.B. These figures are supplied by the relevant District Councils)

To join - please ask your Clerk to complete the Annual Training Scheme Application Form available in Document Templates  through the clerk's LALC website portal and return completed forms to

Annual Training Scheme fees 2024-25


Amount (£)


Council with up to 250 electorate            100.00 + £20 VAT




Council with up to 500 electorate          110.00 + £22 VAT




Council with up to 1000 electorate        125.00 + £25 VAT




Council with up to 2500 electorate        150.00 + £30 VAT




Council with up to 5000 electorate        165.00 + £33 VAT




Council with up to 7500 electorate        175.00 + £35 VAT




Council with up to 10,000 electorate     185.00 + £37 VAT




Council with above 10,000 electorate   195.00 + £39 VAT



Payment can be made:

By BACs to: Lincolnshire Association of Local Councils,  Sort Code: 08-92-99, Account number: 65279999 or

By cheque made payable to: LALC – sent to our offices F.A.O. Mrs L Westman, Administration Officer.  Please note invoices are raised following the training event or confirmation to join the ATS 24/25.

Special Dietary, Learning or Access Requirements – the Clerk should advise us about any special requirements for delegates attending an all day event. Please note, special dietary requirements are to cover allergies and intolerances (not personal preferences)


  • All bookings for training should be made via the Clerk (or via the Chair should the council not have a current Clerk in post).

  • This new bookings system is a more secure system and allows all Staff Members to secure your request.


Our courses are often oversubscribed and we maintain a waiting list for potential delegates. In view of this, please ensure that all booking cancellations are received, by this office, as per the cancellations policy below:

Cancellations Policy – please ensure that we receive:

* For part day courses – cancellation at least 48 hours in advance, at this office;

* For full day events – at least 5 working days cancellation notice. This is because we need to pre-order and pay for lunches.

Due to persistent non-attendance at booked events, it is unfortunate that LALC have had to amend the way we impose our cancellation fees. All members are charged 50% of the  training cost when insufficient notice is received (as detailed in the cancellations policy above) for non-attendance at training events. No shows will be charged at 100% of the course fee. All charges are regardless of whether they are a member of the Annual Training Scheme or not.