Memorial Management & Inspections

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Management Of Memorials - Inspection Workshop

Course Overview
Scope of the problem
Legal/health& safety issues
Inspection of memorials
  •  How to start
  • Initial inspection
  • Inspection forms
  • The inspection - visual & physical
  • Actions
  • Programme of work
  • Consecrated ground (England only)
  • Other considerations and guidance (MoJ/HSE guidance)

Codes of practice,

Registration Schemes,

Right to end a memorial,

Unauthorised memorials,

Practical inspections.

This event is suitable for: anyone involved in managing or working in a cemetery, or with responsibility for cemeteries.

Equipment required : the afternoon session will take place in a cemetery, therefore suitable outdoor clothing must be worn, together with sensible boots or shoes.


  • Knowledge of legal and health and safety issues relating to memorials.

  • Understanding of sector codes of practice and registration schemes.

  • Practical skills in testing memorials for safety.

Date & Time
10 September 2024
10:00 16:00 Europe/London

Lincolnshire Association of Local Councils

01673 866596
07422 963475

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