Neighbourhood Planning

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This course provides answers to the following questions:

·       What could the value of a neighbourhood plan be to a local community?

·       What matters can be included in the plan, and what can’t?

·       What planning issues do most NPs typically cover?  

·       How are NPs intended to relate to your District’s Local Plan?

·       What kind of evidence is required to support the case for policies in an NP?

·       What stages do the plans have to go through before they are “made” (i.e. adopted)?  

·       How much local consultation is involved?  

·       What are likely to be the resource implications of embarking on a plan? 

·       What are the “basic conditions” that NPs have to satisfy?  

·       Are there any other legal requirements?

·       How is the examination process conducted?

·       Once made, what role do NPs play in the determination of planning applications? 

·       Are there any “golden rules”? 

·       Where can I find out more, and is support available?

Date & Time
26 September 2023
10:00 12:30 Europe/London

Lincolnshire Association of Local Councils

01673 866596
07422 963475

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