Membership of LALC

Benefits of LALC Membership

The Lincolnshire Association offers its member councils the following services 

  • Advice, guidance and support 

  • Training and mentoring 

  • Access to HR and employment advice

  • Document templates

  • Up to date news and events 

  • Vacancy advertising

  • Legal Topic Notes

  • Two-weekly E-newsletter

  • Internal Audit service

  • Website Maintenance 

  • Locum clerk 

Benefits of NALC Membership

 Members of LALC also become members of NALC and this offers members 

  • Legal Advice 

  • Training

  • National Consultations

  • Policy development

  • Publications/ books

  • National representation to Government and other policy development organisations

  • Local Council Awards Scheme

How to become a member

Nearly all local councils in Lincolnshire are members but if you are not please send us an enquiry here contact us  or by phoning the office to join.

Subscription rate for  membership is made up of a baseline figure based on the size of the electorate plus a per elector of 15.41pence (a combined LALC/NALC 2023-24 rate) which is reviewed and subject to approval by members every year.