LALC Executive Committee Members

President – Gary Ellis
Chairman – Cllr Tony Howard
Vice-Chairman – Cllr John Kilcoyne
Treasurer – Mike Passfield

Office Staff

Katrina Evans – Chief Executive

Amy Bestwick – Training Support & Media Officer

Lindsey Westman – Senior Administration & Finance Officer


LALC is constituted to support its member local councils and parish meetings in the delivery of services to their communities. Membership of the Association also provides affiliation to the National Association of Local Councils (NALC) which seeks to represent local councils at national level as well as providing advice on legal and procedural matters, national publications and regular information bulletins.

Please note that whilst we are able to answer general queries relating to law and procedure posed by individual councillors, it is ‘the council’ as a corporate body that has membership of the Association.  To that end, any specific queries relating to an individual council’s business must be raised with us by those authorised to do so – usually the Clerk (or the Chairman in relation to Clerk employment issues) unless the council has resolved otherwise.

All queries should initially be placed with LALC by e-mail, telephone or post.

LALC is also lead partner in the Lincolnshire County Training Partnership (LCTP) and administers the Local Council Award Scheme Panel for Lincolnshire.