Website Maintenance

Website maintenance offer

2023-24 fees
What’s included?

Level of service
Fee  Documents uploaded to your LCC website by Pete Langford
Access to Pete for advice, queries or problem solving
Access to current guidance documents from Pete
Updates as appropriate
Access to e-group for peer support. **
Premium £85 - 5 hours
£170 - 10 hours
£340 - 20 hours
plus VAT
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Basic £50/yr + VAT No Yes Yes Yes Yes

* This service is available to LALC member councils and is additional to the membership subscription and Annual Training Scheme.  LALC non-members fee is double those stated.

**The e-group will be primarily led by clerks providing support for each other. The webmaster will monitor and contribute information and answers occasionally, but this won’t be the priority.

Website Training: Councils with an LCC website may decide they don’t wish to take up either of these offers and will carry on maintaining their own site. We can offer three additional areas of support for these councils which will be included in the Annual Training Scheme:

Access to e-group as above**

Course: LCC website maintenance for new users via Zoom. 

Course: LCC website maintenance refresher via Zoom.

LALC are now into the third iteration of the Webmaster Management Service for the financial year 2023-24. The LALC Webmaster providing the service is only allowed to work on LCC-provided Parish Council websites if the Parish Council has subscribed to the Premium option of the Webmaster Management Service. 

Premium Service: There is no advantage purchasing one package over another as they are all based on the same hourly rate of £17 per hour. If the Parish Council runs out of hours before the end of the financial year, then further hours can be purchased. At the end of the financial year, if the Parish Council has time remaining from their purchased hours, a maximum of 5 hours may be carried over into the new financial year so there is no wastage.

This service enables the Webmaster to work on your website under your guidance and requirements; you remain solely responsible for the layout of the website and its content so that you know what’s on there at all times – the Webmaster is just the enabler.

The Premium service also allows you to receive unlimited advice, documents, Zoom/Skype and telephone calls should you need to discuss something. Work performed includes adding agendas, minutes, financial documents and policies, local activities, news events plus resetting the entire website layout, in part or in full, if that is your requirement; the Webmaster will perform the work that you want performed.

The good thing about this part of the service is that you buy the hours needed rather than have an hourly rate and the Webmaster will do anything to the website that is required by you; you remain completely in control. An added bonus of this service is that all documents and e-mails sent to the Webmaster are saved to the Webmaster’s computer and this in turn is backed-up to an external Network Attached Storage (NAS) drive in the Webmaster’s home. This has proven useful when entire archives of documents have been accidentally deleted so the Webmaster can usually have the website back in full operation very quickly. The NAS drive is not accessible via the Internet for security reasons.

The Service Level Agreement between LALC and the subscribing Parish Council states that all documents will be uploaded to the website within 48hours; in practice, most are uploaded to the website on the same day, or at least within 24 hours, from receipt of the request.

Basic option. This service allows you to receive advice, documents, Zoom/Skype and telephone calls should you need to discuss something before it’s added to the site but the calls are officially limited to 15mins per month. However, this service does not allow the Webmaster to work on the website. This service remains at £50 plus VAT for the financial year. 

If your Parish Council would like to book Jadu training Councils may book this through the 'Training Courses' tab once logged into the portal. 

To sign up to any of the website support services, please contact LALC on 01673 866596 or e-mail to  Support services will only be started once the LALC Office has confirmed the order has been placed. An invoice will be issued to the Council.  A parish/town council will usually wish to agree the purchase at their parish/town council or relevant committee meeting or if urgent through delegated powers to their Clerk/RFO.