LALC eNews 14th June 2024

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This fortnightly newsletter is provided to member councils through the clerk and should be circulated to all councillors. This eNews can also be found on the LALC website under News.

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Training courses are available to book via the portal (login required)

The Training Bulletin is issued monthly, and courses are available to book via the portal. If there is any specific training which you feel would be valuable, and we don’t currently offer it, please let us know and we will investigate. The Training Bulletin can be found on the LALC website

Clerks – when booking training for your councillors, please ensure that their email address is correct. If not, they will not receive the booking confirmation or any joining instructions.

If you update your council email and are already booked on training, please let us know so that we can update your booking to ensure you receive the automatic reminders.

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Current vacancies


Closing date

Stubton Parish Council


18th November 2023

Blyton Parish Council


No closing date

Market Rasen Town Council


7th June 2024

Barrowby Parish Council


30th June 2024

North Thoresby, Grainsby & Waithe Parish Council


30th July 2024

Marton & Gate Burton Parish Council


17th June 2024

Utterby Parish Council


29th July 2024

East Keal Parish Council


No closing date

Caistor Town Council

Deputy Clerk

26th July 2024

Vacancy advertising

LALC can advertise your vacancy on our website and in the fortnightly eNews. This is a free service. If you do not have a pre-prepared advert to send us, please complete our Vacancy Template, which can be found in the Members Portal under Document Templates.    

We also offer a paid advertising service, which ensures that your advert also appears on Lincolnshire County Council’s website, Facebook, and LinkedIn (in addition to the LALC website and eNews).  The current fee for this is £75. Please complete the Vacancy Template (as above), ensuring that all requested information is completed, and then contact us at You will be invoiced for this service.

Please note that Lincolnshire County Council require a closing date on their advert, as well as salary information (these are mandatory fields). LCC will remove your advert once the closing date has passed, so please consider the date carefully as you will have to pay again to re-advertise if your vacancy hasn’t been filled by then.

We recommend all councils advertise their vacancy, job details, method of application and up to date contact details on their own website too.

Please let us know when the vacancy has been filled, so that we can remove it from our website/eNews. If your vacancy has not yet been filled and you are continuing to advertise, please let us know of any revised closing date. If you no longer specify a closing date, please let us know so that we can update the vacancy adverts.

The NALC Recruitment Manual (developed as part of the Civility & Respect project) is now available via the portal.  Go into Knowledgebase and click on 'Recruitment Manual' in the 'Employment' menu area. 

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Latest News

To see the latest NALC news:

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Summer Conference


The LALC Summer Conference this year will take place on Wednesday 24th July at Belton Woods Hotel, Belton, Grantham, Lincolnshire, NG32 2LN.

Come and network with like-minded councils!

Featuring a choice of workshops, Q&A session, trade stands and the LALC AGM.

Paul Drury will be giving a short presentation at the start of the day on the Armed Forces Covenant relaunch.

Workshops (delegates will be able to choose two out of the three workshops to attend):

  • Health & Safety myth busting - Worknest

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and local councils (including both Copilot and GPT) – Cloudy IT

  • Flooding – Lincolnshire Project Groundwater team

Trade stands: Unity Trust Bank, Kompan, Blachere, Worknest (H&S), Clear Insurance, Vaughtons (civic regalia), Lincolnshire Domestic Abuse Service, CCLA, Cloudy IT, Lincolnshire Project Groundwater team.

The full programme will be announced soon.

Booking now open!

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REMINDER: Fire safety legislation changes

Essential changes in fire safety legislation came into effect on 1 October 2023 and affect the duties of the responsible person in residential and non-residential premises. NALC’s partners, Worknest, have put together some guidance that explains the changes that are coming into effect. For local councils, the relevant changes will affect non-residential premises. They have also produced a fire safety compliance matrix to help you comply with these new responsibilities.

 Details of the changes:

 Fire safety compliance matrix:

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NALC Blog: Water Hygiene Centre

This week’s blog from the Water Hygiene Centre is about legionella risk. Many people turn to gardening to save money, lead healthier lifestyles, and enjoy fresh produce. However, gardening equipment such as water butts, hose pipes, ponds, and compost can harbour legionella bacteria if not properly maintained. Legionella, which can cause legionnaires’ disease, has been linked to gardening activities, with notable cases resulting in severe illness or death. Those most at risk include individuals over 45, smokers, heavy drinkers, and those with chronic health conditions. Given that a significant portion of the gardening population falls into these at-risk categories, it is crucial for gardeners to regularly maintain their equipment and adhere to safety guidelines. Increasing awareness and conducting regular risk assessments can significantly reduce the risk of legionella exposure, ensuring a safer gardening experience for all.

Read the blog:

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ACRE village hall building grants

ACRE has recently confirmed that village hall management committees can once again apply for grants of up to £75,000 to improve village hall buildings. The fund, which was originally announced to mark the Late Queen’s Platinum Jubilee has reopened for new applications. Groups can submit applications for grants of between £7,500 and £75,000, which can be used to cover up to 20% of capital costs associated with renovation and improvement projects. This latest window for new applications is expected to last until government funding has been exhausted. The application process is competitive, and hall committees must be able to complete the project work by the end of March 2025. Interested groups are strongly encouraged to read information and guidance about the fund available from ACRE’s website before applying.

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LCC Rights of Way survey for town and parish councils

LCC manage Lincolnshire’s public rights of way network and as such, have an Improvement Plan.

There have been many changes since our last plan and different people who use the network have different needs. Both of which mean we need to update our understanding. We’ll refresh the current plan in 2025 so we’d like to know what you believe the network and its users need. 

Our aim isn’t to gather feedback from everyone at this stage or details about the state of specific routes. 

What representative bodies like you tell us, however, will help set strategic and aspirational priorities in a draft plan for the next 10 years. We’ll ask the public and other stakeholders about the draft plan once it’s developed. 

This survey is on Let’s talk Lincolnshire ( and takes around five minutes to complete. Before taking the survey, please review the previous plan (in the important links section). 

 If you have any questions, please contact Andrew Fletcher

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NALC meeting with partners Clear Councils Insurance

Colleagues from the policy and communications team had a productive meeting with NALC partners Clear Councils Insurance (formerly BHIB Councils Insurance) this week. Clear Councils Insurance is a specialist in insurance for local councils and has been consistently delivering professional insurance and risk management guidance to its customers for over 50 years. As part of The Clear Group, one of the UK's leading independent commercial insurance brokers, they have a proven track record of delivering bespoke insurance programmes and advice to the public, private, and charity sectors and membership organisations. You can reach out to them today at or call 0330 013 0036 to learn more about their reliable services. During our meeting, we discussed our ongoing partnership and explored ways both organisations can collaborate to support the sector’s insurance needs. We’d really welcome your input by letting us know at type of information you would like, from a webinar and toolkits to visits to your county area and video content.

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General election 2024 and open letter to party leaders 

As the general election campaign gains momentum, NALC chair Cllr Keith Stevens has written an open letter to the leaders of the political parties. Keith’s letter calls on them to put standards in public life and community empowerment front and centre during the general election campaign and into the next Parliament. It also highlights NALC’s Manifesto for building stronger communities across England which sets out a blueprint to strengthen local leadership through local (parish and town) councils. This contribution and advocacy from NALC complements other publications, many from NALC’s closest partners, urging the new government to embrace devolution and support local government to build stronger communities. The Local Government Association’s (LGA) new Local goverment white paper calls for devolution that transfers powers to communities, combined with sufficient funding so they can deliver national and local priorities. Our Rural Coalition colleagues at Action for Communities in Rural England (ACRE) have set out a vision for rural areas covering housing, transport, digital connectivity, fair funding and support for community led action. The National Council for Voluntary Organisations’s voluntary sector manifesto emphasises building stronger communities that give us all a sense of belonging, support our well-being and boost our local economies. I am sure other contributions will follow and make a similar case in the run up to the publication of the political party manifestos and to the new government. 

Read Keith’s letter:

NALC manifesto for building stronger communities:

LGA white paper:

Vision for rural areas:

Voluntary sector manifesto:

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Parkinson Partnership – New Clerk’s Finance

Parkinson Partnership have announced that a New Clerks Finance course is planned for Tuesday 9 July 2024 from 10am - 11.40am.

Contact to book a place.

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New SLCC Podcast: ‘Saving Lives in Communities: The Role of Public Access Defibrillators’

In this episode we are joined by the British Heart Foundation’s (BHF) Simon Dunn, Head of Circuit Operations, and Sam Kennard, Programme Manager, Health Partnerships and Community Resuscitation.

BHF has been leading the way in promoting the use of defibrillators in communities across the UK. Their Circuit program helps individuals and organisations register and locate defibrillators, ensuring that these life-saving devices are readily available in case of a cardiac arrest. While over 90,000 defibrillators have been registered so far, there is still a need for more coverage. The British Heart Foundation encourages town, parish and community councils, and community groups, to register their defibrillators and actively maintain them to serve their communities effectively.

Simon and Sam discuss the importance of registering defibrillators on The Circuit, how straight forward they are to use when needed, and general upkeep of the devices.

Listen to the podcast (no login required):

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