LALC eNews 7th July 2023

Training courses are available to book via the portal (login required).

The Training Bulletin is issued monthly, and courses are available to book via the portal. If there is any specific training which you feel would be valuable, and we don’t currently offer it, please let us know and we will investigate. The latest Training Bulletin can be found on the LALC website.

Clerks – when booking training for your councillors, please ensure that their email address is correct. If not, they will not receive the booking confirmation or any joining instructions.

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Current vacancies


Closing date

Snitterby Parish Council


No closing date

Ingoldmells Parish Council


No closing date

Bilsby & Farlesthorpe Parish Council


10th July

Potterhanworth Parish Council

Temporary Clerk

No closing date

North Kyme Parish Council


No closing date

Brattleby Parish Council


12th May

North Thoresby, Grainsby and Waithe Parish Council


26th May

Spilsby Town Council

Administration Assistant

16th June

Metheringham Parish Council


5th June

Denton Parish Council


No closing date

North Hykeham Town Council

Deputy Clerk

23rd June

Great and Little Carlton Parish Council


Not specified

Ropsley and District Parish Council


No closing date

Edenham Parish Council


No closing date

Sutterton Parish Council


10th July

Holbeach Parish Council

Deputy Clerk

4th July

Gedney Hill Parish Council


7th July

Hundleby Parish Council


30th July

If we are advertising your vacancy in the eNews and on our website, please let us know when the vacancy has been filled, so that we can remove it. If your vacancy has not yet been filled and you are continuing to advertise, please let us know of any revised closing date. If you no longer specify a closing date, please let us know so that we can update the vacancy adverts.

If you need your vacancy advertising and do not have a pre-prepared advert to send us, please complete our Vacancy Template, which can be found in the Members Portal under Document Templates.

The NALC Recruitment Manual (developed as part of the Civility & Respect project) is now available via the portal. Go into Knowledgebase and click on the ‘Employment’ card and enter ‘recruitment’ in the search box.  

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Health & Safety, Fire Safety, Risk Assessment Training - Places still available

Don’t miss the H&S, Fire Safety and Risk Assessment Training coming up on Tuesday 11th July. This all day (9:30 – 16:30) training will be held at Cranwell Village Hall (NG34 8DF) and will be delivered by MB Fire Training and BHIB insurance respectively.

There are a few places left so please book via the portal.

This is essential training covering Health & Safety legislation, employer/employee duties, risk assessment, accident reporting, manual handling, working at height, basic fire safety legislation, understanding fire, fire hazards, fire precautions, workplace risk assessments from an insurance perspective, including risk assessment of events.

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Recent BBC News article: Councillors quitting over in-person meetings, survey suggests

Forcing councillors in England to attend meetings in person is leading to some quitting, councils have warned.

A legal requirement to hold full council meetings in person was temporarily dropped during the pandemic but reintroduced in May 2021.

A survey by the Local Government Association (LGA) found one in 10 councils had seen members stand down since then due to the change.

Read the full article here:

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LALC Summer Conference 19th July – An event not to be missed

Don’t miss this opportunity to network with fellow councils, get some new ideas and listen to informative speakers.

The LALC Summer Conference will be held on Wednesday 19th July at the Bentley Hotel, South Hykeham, featuring:

Guest speaker - Clive Wilson from United Nations Association Greater Lincolnshire, promoting new thinking and actions by local councils to promote the attainment of the UN2030 goals

Q&A Panel – Police & Crime Commissioner, Deputy Police & Crime Commissioner, John Turner (local Integrated Care Board), Richard Davies (LCC Highways). 


o Amy Lennox – Grant Funding

o BHIB – Cyber Security

o Recruiting & retaining councillors - Breakthrough Communications 

Presentation of Long Service Awards

Trade stands including: National Allotment Society, Pear Technology, CCLA, Blachere Illuminations, Breakthrough Communications, Kompan, BHIB, Lincolnshire Council for Voluntary Youth Services, Clear Utility Solutions

The conference fee will be £25 plus VAT. Bookings should be made via the portal. Please note this does not include the Evening Awards Dinner.

The LALC Shining Stars Awards will be presented at our Evening Awards Dinner starting at 5:30pm, following the conference. We will have guest speaker Alistair Jones from De Montfort University, presentation of the awards by our sponsors, and a celebration of 50 years of LALC. 

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Has your council taken the Civility and Respect pledge yet?

“Civility and respect should be at the heart of public life, and good governance is fundamental to ensuring an effective and well-functioning democracy at all levels.

The intimidation, abuse, bullying and harassment of councillors, clerks and council staff, in person or online, is unacceptable, whether by councillors, clerks, council staff, or public members.

This can prevent councils from functioning effectively, councillors from representing local people, discourage people from getting involved, including standing for election, and undermine public confidence and trust in local democracy.” NALC Civility & Respect project.

To date, 1270 councils have taken the Civility and Respect pledge; of which 47 are Lincolnshire councils.

Source: NALC Civility & Respect project

Unfortunately, bad behaviour in some councils nationally continues. A recent example in Norfolk hit the national press, with councillors resigning en masse in protest at the alleged bad behaviour of its remaining councillor:

How do you avoid such a situation developing at your council?

Sign up to the Civility & Respect pledge

Make sure that the council has in place all the relevant policies and procedures

Take steps to work together and seek help early to resolve grievances, complaints and disputes

Sign up to relevant training for councillors and clerks, and don’t assume that just because someone has been on the council for years, they are fully up to speed with the way a council should be working

The NALC Civility and Respect online training via Nimble, is listed in the latest LALC Training Bulletin.

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New LALC Management Committee

The LALC 50th AGM held on 29th June was inquorate and as per the LALC constitution, was reconvened one week later, on 6th July.

At the reconvened AGM, the following Management Committee members were agreed:


Steve Fletcher (Mablethorpe & Sutton Town Council)

Lynda Phillips (Louth Town Council)


Reece Harrington (Washingborough Parish Council)

Chris Callan (Bracebridge Heath Parish Council)

Cathie Nicoll (Scothern Parish Council)

Karri Davey (Great Gonerby Parish Council)

The following honorary officers were elected:

President – Gary Ellis

Vice Presidents – Mike Passfield, Tony Howard

Treasurer – Mike Passfield

Auditor – Chris Hewis

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NALC Star Council awards – don’t forget to vote!